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Industrial Gearboxes - RVS: Limit Switch Device

Thought and designed for the glass houses duty

The RVS limit switch is a differential device that simply bolts on a standard wormgear and makes it suitable to drive precisely and repeatedly between the set end points any shade or window in the glass house applications.

Industrial Gearboxes

Revolution Counter with the Limit Switch Function

Availability for
VF 49 F; VFR 49 F
W 63 UFC; WR 63 UFC
W 75 UFC; WR 75 UFC
W 86 UFC; WR 86 UFC

Max. Drive Speed
n2 = 27 rpm

Operation Range
0 to 43 REvolutions of the Output Shaft

Absolute Repeatability
Maintenance Free
Outdoor Installation Permitted
Easy Assemblings


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